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We assist professional athletes in making the right decisions today to enable them to make their own decisions the rest of their life.  In addition to our “Big 4” accounting firm backgrounds, we also have “Big 10” backgrounds.  We were college athletes and one of our founding partners, Jim Lachey, played football professionally for 11 years and was his team’s representative to the NFL Players Association.  We don’t just have an understanding of the issues facing professional athletes, we have lived them.

We assist athletes in making sound financial decisions such as how to budget and review their overall financial picture on a quarterly basis.  We help them review any business opportunities that are presented as well as handle the burdensome tax compliance obligation that athletes face.  

The athlete’s agent handles the contracts, the financial advisor handles the investments, and we assist the athlete in making sound business and tax decisions.  We provide an unbiased opinion to our athlete clients and our goal is to develop lifelong financial relationships with athletes and not just be there when the lights are on.

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